Jefferson Smith

Training and Consulting

Some History and a
Mission Statement

Some History

We started the company in 1996 as a writing and speaking company. People would ask what other programs we had, and we’d respond, “What do you want?”

If they’d ask for a leadership program, we’d say, “We can do that!” (We call it our “Bob the Builder” response: “Can we fix it?” “Yes, we can!” We love that little guy.)

We’d research the subject. We’d draft a program. We’d keep at it until the customer said, ‘Yeah. That’s what we want.”

We work out of a small town in northern Utah called Bountiful. It’s about twelve miles north of Salt Lake City. Nice town. Friendly folks. We like it.

A Mission Statement

Our business is to help business do business better. 

Five principles guide our work:

  1. Maintain absolute integrity. No fudging.
  2. Serve the customer.
  3. Have fun. Laugh a lot.
  4. Think outside the box.
  5. Look on the right side.