Jefferson Smith

Jefferson Smith
About Us


SOme History

We started the company in 1996 as a writing and speaking company. People would ask what other programs we had, and we’d respond, “What do you want?”

If they’d ask for a leadership program, we’d say, “We can do that!” (We call it our “Bob the Builder” response: “Can we fix it?” “Yes, we can!” We love that little guy.)

We’d research the subject. We’d draft a program. We’d keep at it until the customer said, ‘Yeah. That’s what we want.”

We work out of a small town in northern Utah called Bountiful. It’s about twelve miles north of Salt Lake City. Nice town. Friendly folks. We like it.


Our Mission

Our business is to help business do business better.

Five principles guide our work:

  1. Maintain absolute integrity. No fudging.

  2. Serve the customer.

  3. Have fun. Laugh a lot.

  4. Think outside the box.

  5. Look on the right side.