Jefferson Smith

Jefferson Smith
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Leadership and Management

You don’t lead by hitting people over the head; that’s assault, not leadership.

Leading, Guiding, and Directing Others: For managers and potential managers. Provides the skills and approaches necessary to lead others, and lead them well.

Building Leadership and Trust: Without trust, leadership fails. Members of an organization won’t follow someone they don’t trust. This workshop presents the tools to build trust.

Training the Workforce: The future belongs to those who train. The workshop presents methods for identifying, developing, and delivering world-class training.

Understanding and Preventing Sexual Harassment: Few of us are comfortable with our understanding of sexual harassment, yet our company depends on our knowledge.

Understanding Differences: America doesn’t have the birth rate to replace—let alone grow—its work force. That means greater and greater diversity in the workforce. Can we get along?

Understanding Ethics and Building Values: Without a base of core values, a company will fail. The workshop allows leaders and workers to identify what’s most important.


Communication Skills

Writing Letters, Memos, and E-mail: For anyone who writes at work. Presents a method for writing letters and memos that are easy to write and easy to read.

Speaking in Public: For anyone who gives presentations and briefings. Presents a proven method for designing and delivering a presentation—and dealing with the gut- wrenching, heart-stopping fear.

Basic Writing Skills: An introduction—or refresher— to grammar, punctuation, and usage. Highly tailored: participants identify and resolve their writing needs.

Communicating with the Public and the Media: Our access to the public comes through the media. But how do we best use that access?

Making Meetings More Effective: “I once worked in a place where you could tell how long the meetings were going to be by the number of cigars the boss brought to the meeting.

“If he brought three cigars to the meeting, we knew we were dead.” (A true story; you’ve probably experienced the same thing.)

Another quip: “It takes a pretty good meeting to beat no meeting at all.” (And that’s true, as well.) 

Customer Service and Sales

Serving Customers—and Keeping them for a Lifetime: A course for all employees who deal with internal or external customers. In other words, every employee in the world.

Managing Your Customer-service Team: You know you need outstanding customer service, but how do you convince your front-line workers? How do you train them and keep them excited? We can help you answer these questions.

Selling More Effectively: Sales are the life blood of any commercial organization. If there are no sales, there is no company. Simple. This workshop generates those sales.

Telemarketing to Increase Sales: Telemarketing is increasing every day: businesses and service organizations use the telephone to provide goods and services. Yet, telemarketing is derided by many as an intrusion and a scam. We can change that perception. 


Personal Development

Organizing Your Time and Talents: Designed for anyone frustrated with the amount of work they get done. Provides organizational and priority-setting skills. And doesn’t sell a planner.

Being More Creative: For leaders and workers who want to be more creative and imaginative in a competitive world. Presents an approach to develop new ideas.

Changing Jobs and Careers: Getting the job—or assignment—you want depends on presenting yourself well. On looking good. This workshop helps you do that.

Coaching and Follow-up: You left the work-shop ready to make changes. But when you got back to the office, you got busy with other things—and the changes went on the back burner. Now what?

Mastering Change: The world has always changed, but the pace has increased. The workshop presents an understanding of change and methods for dealing and mastering it. 

Workshops on Demand

You’ve identified a training need, but you can’t find a vendor to fill that need. Or you’re not comfortable developing the training yourself. Or you flat-out don’t have the time.

We can help.

Your Advantages

Whatever you need—or want. The Workshops-on-Demand program has several advantages:

Time: You won’t have to develop a new program.
Resources: You won’t have to pull people from other tasks.
Professionalism: You’ll receive a program you’ll be proud of
Cost: You’ll be surprised.