Communication Skills

Writing Letters, Memos, and E-mail: For anyone who writes at work. Presents a method for writing letters and memos that are easy to write and easy to read.

Speaking in Public: For anyone who gives presentations and briefings. Presents a proven method for designing and delivering a presentation—and dealing with the gut- wrenching, heart-stopping fear.

Basic Writing Skills: An introduction—or refresher— to grammar, punctuation, and usage. Highly tailored: participants identify and resolve their writing needs.

Communicating with the Public and the Media: Our access to the public comes through the media. But how do we best use that access?

Making Meetings More Effective: “I once worked in a place where you could tell how long the meetings were going to be by the number of cigars the boss brought to the meeting.

“If he brought three cigars to the meeting, we knew we were dead.” (A true story; you’ve probably experienced the same thing.)

Another quip: “It takes a pretty good meeting to beat no meeting at all.” (And that’s true, as well.)