JS Tip 11: On Customer Service: Five Keys

We suggest that customers—external and internal—measure service in five areas:

  • Integrity: Can they trust you? Do you keep your word? Far and away the most important. Everything else follows this.
  • Friendliness: Do you make them feel good? Do you smile a lot? 
  • Speed: How long is the wait? Are you faster than your competition?
  • Competence: Do you know what you’re doing? Can you answer their questions or can you quickly get answers to their questions?
  • Flexibility: Can you adjust to their needs? How often can you say, “Yes, we can!” (the “Bob the Builder” response)? 

How well do you measure in these areas? What are your strengths? What do you need to work on?

If you have an idea for a future tip—perhaps something you struggle with or are curious about—let us know. We welcome your feedback and ideas. Seriously.