JS Tip 13: From the “Changing Jobs” Workshop: Writing a Stronger Résumé

Résumés are sales documents; the product is you. One way you can improve your résumé is to use terms of measure: Numbers. Percentages. Dollar amounts.

Consider this example:

Superhero. Wore tights and a cape. Flew around. Used super strength and super speed. Fought bad guys. Maintained a secret identity.

Interesting, but bland. Identify how many people you served (or worked with). Identify how much money you handled each day. Identify the size of the projects you worked on. And rewrite your résumé: 

Superhero. Made the world safe for truth, justice, and the American way 74 times. Sent 237 villains to jail. Named “Hero of the Century” by great metropolitan newspaper.

The numbers quantify. The numbers impress

Let us know if you need other ideas to spruce up your résumé. We’ll be glad to help.