JS Tip 141: From the Time Management Workshops: Investing and Wasting Time

We’re close to year’s end. A lot of us make resolutions. We’ll talk about ways to keep those resolutions.

“Time is Money”—Ben Franklin’s advice to a young tradesman—has become a cliché, but it’s still applicable.

Think of “Time” and “Money” as synonymous. Wealthy people excel at investing their money. Productive people excel at investing their time.

You invest your time—and get a return on that investment—by creating a more effective filing system, prospecting future clients, learning a new skill, or exercising.

You waste your time—and never get it back—by surfing the net, watching television, or attending inefficient meetings.

The good news is that everyone, from Bill Gates to the lowliest pauper, has the same amount of time to work with. You have the same 168 hours in the week. The same amount as Bill Gates, the same amount as Ben Franklin.

Think of what you do personally and professionally. Are you investing your time? Or wasting it?

If you have questions, comments, or arguments, let us know. We love this stuff. Really.

Next week: Getting more done. The “Elephant Principle.”