JS Tip 190: From the Stress-management Workshops: Comfort and Control

Black Friday. Today is “Black Friday.” 

Oh, wow . . . .

The beginning of the holiday season.

The beginning of the stressed-out season.



Family visits.




Remember this: the greater your control, the less your stress.

Some simple—simple, simple—suggestions:

Identify what you want to do. Schedule it. Write your schedule down. Keep to your schedule. Give yourself plenty of time. Build “fudge factors” into your schedule.

Deal with the interruptions. Explain you have commitments. Offer to deal with the interruptions in your open time: “I’m sorry, Wally, but I’m committed to something right now. Can we meet next Tuesday? At 10:07?”

Remember that you choose your attitude. (Nobody makes you angry; it’s a choice. See Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning.) Decide to be happy and upbeat. Laugh a lot. Spread sunshine all over the place. Put on a happy face.

Enjoy the season. You deserve it. We’re thankful for you. Take care.