JS Tip 293: A Think Piece

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** From the Ethics and Values Workshops: Some Questions about Honesty

This is a “think” piece.

We received a survey this week from The Ethical Research Institute. The survey asked about honesty. About telling the truth. And about lying. About not telling the truth.

The survey’s questions prompted our questions. We invite you to think about the questions (three main questions, each with a follow-on question).

We respect that this is a sensitive subject.

We invite you to discuss the questions with your co-workers during lunch or on break. Come up with some answers. * Is lying always wrong? And if lying isn’t always wrong, what circumstances justify lying? * Is lying in business always wrong? And if lying in business isn’t always wrong, what business circumstances justify lying? * Do most people lie? And if most people lie, why do they lie?

Let us know what you think. We’ll respect your confidence. We’ll respect your answers. No identities go anywhere.

We’ll continue the discussion next week.

We love this stuff.

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