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** From the Ethics and Values Workshops: Some More Answers about Honesty

We’ve been having a discussion about honesty.

Last week, we asked if a compliment—given for encouragement—was lying.

Again, you responded beautifully.

One comment—

Giving people an insincere comment as “encouragement” is what we used to call “jelly-bean” motivation. It’s worse than no encouragement at all, because people can see right through the lie. It’s fake and it shows.

Another comment—

Everyone lies, without exception. People do it so as not to hurt another person’s feelings. For example, they will lie about how someone looks or how they dress if they have to comment and the comment would be demeaning. They do it to children to protect them from subjects they are not prepared to understand or not capable of comprehending or because of specific beliefs. The lies about Santa this time of year are running rampant around the world. We would all do it to protect or save someone else’s life as was done during the Holocaust to protect the Jews from the Nazi’s. Giving any similar circumstance to protect someone’s life we would like too. As a general rule lying is not acceptable, however, it is a necessary part of our lives for many reasons and those readers who commented otherwise are lying.

And a third comment—

Most people believe they do more than they actually do. Acknowledging the support of your partner in a project isn’t lying; not being honest about your own productivity is where the focus should be.

Good discussion. We appreciate you. Next week, we'll go someplace else.

We love this stuff.

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