JS Tip 282: Everything Leads to Trust

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** From the Leadership Workshops: Everything Leads to Trust

The last of a five-part series.

Everything we’ve talked about leads to trust. Character leads to trust. We won’t follow leaders we think are dishonest or uncaring. We trust leaders who keep their word. Who are fair. Who are transparent. Competence leads to trust. We certainly won’t follow leaders that don’t know what they’re doing. We shy away from them. “Whoa,” we say, “I don’t want to be part of this. This guy’s . . . (wait for it . . . here comes the word) . . . incompetent.” We trust leaders who can teach us something. Who know more than we do. Action leads to trust. We’re reluctant to follow leaders who isolate themselves on the thirty-fifth floor. Leaders we don’t know. We trust leaders we can have a soda and a hamburger with.

Stephen M. R. Covey (of Franklin Covey) says trust is “the one thing that changes everything.”

Robert Eckert (former CEO of Mattel) says, “As you go to work, your top responsibility should be to build trust.”

Let us know your thoughts on this. We love this stuff.

Next week, we’ll talk about motivation.

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