JS Tip 304: Fighting for Good Service II

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** From the Customer Service Workshops: Continue the Fight!

We’re still talking about customer service: “Service that exceeds the customer’s expectations.”

Last week we talked about what we can do when the service doesn’t exceed (or meet) expectations. We asked for your suggestions. We appreciate your responses.

Some ideas— One: Consider the people you’re working with. Frustrated with. Are they young? Maybe their poor service is due to inadequate training or experience. Are they older? Maybe their poor service is due to burnout. And maybe you can help here. Some guidance. An encouraging word. That can resolve a lot of difficulty. Two: Act quickly. Your chances for resolution are inversely proportional to the amount of time you wait. (The longer you wait, the smaller chance you’ll have of resolving this.) Consider a one-week event horizon. Three: Bypass the roadblock. Say “thank you” and walk away. Go to someone else. Go to the customer-service department. Write a letter or email to the company president. Remember calmness, reason, and specifics.

Next week, we’ll talk about writing again. We’ll explore the many versions and many uses of dashes. Hyphens. En-dashes. Em-dashes. You never knew there were so many. You never knew they had so many uses.

We love this stuff.

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