JS Tip 301: On Customer Service

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** From the Customer Service Workshops: Exceed the Expectations

Charlie took his SUV to the dealership for routine servicing. He explained to the service manager what he needed. She listened attentively and did her walk-around.

“The roundel (the brand emblem) on your hood is peeling. We’ll replace that.”

“Whoa! How much will that cost me?” Charlie asked.




The classic definition of customer service is “service that exceeds the customer’s expectations.” Service that gives the customer more than what she or he expects.

Charlie didn’t expect to get the peeling roundel replaced for free. For nothing.

Other examples of good customer service include— * The Las Vegas airport shuttle driver who keeps an ice chest full of water bottles; she gives the cold water to her passengers. “Welcome to Las Vegas. We hope you’ll enjoy your visit.” * The employee who stays after closing to get things just right. * The employer who buys Christmas hams for her employees.

Look around. What can you do to surprise people? To exceed their expectations? Do it. It’s a great way to start off the year.

We love this stuff.

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