JS Tip 313: Commas IV

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** From the Writing Workshops: Commas IV

Some small but critical points.

Use commas to separate nice-to-know information.

We’ll hire the managers, which we desperately need, after we’ve reviewed the applications. She intends to meet Gustav Schmidt, the CFO, in Rome.

Notice how you can drop the information within the commas with no major change in meaning:

We’ll hire the managers after we’ve reviewed the applications. She intends to meet Gustav Schmidt in Rome.

That’s a pretty good indication the information is nice-to-know and should be enclosed in commas.

Place commas inside closing quotation marks.

Always. No exceptions.

“The matter’s in review,” she said.


“The matter’s in review”, she said.

Use commas to separate items in locations and dates.

Your first stop will be Taos, New Mexico. Return the forms to me by Friday, May 1st, 2015.

Don’t use a comma if you’re referring only to the month and the year.

We’ll be done by October 2015.

Next week, we’ll end our discussion about commas.

If you have questions, let us know. We love this stuff.

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