JS Tip 426: The Rules

From the Writing Workshops: The Rules

Too many of the rules we learned in high school don’t work. The language is too varied and changes too quickly for one set of rules to fit every situation.

In this and in the next few tips, we’ll explore some of the rules we learned in high school and see how well they work.

The rule you learned in high school: Paragraphs have to be at least two sentences long. 

As they say in the old country: Bolognik

You can write one-sentence paragraphs. Single sentence paragraphs add punch, power, and emphasis to your ideas.

Examine your local newspaper. The front page will have at least eight or ten single-sentence paragraphs. Guaranteed.

Examine this tip. Three of the paragraphs are single sentences. And did you even notice that?  

What rules bedevil you? Let us know. We’ll talk about them. We love this stuff.

Mark Brooks