JS Tip 493: You have questions. We have answers. 

From the Writing Workshops: You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers.  

We’ve said, “If you have questions, let us know.” 

You’ve responded. 

You’ve asked some good questions. Thank you.  

Please clarify the use of “timely.” Does it mean “quickly” or “at the appropriate time”? (Carol Schlender)

It means “at the appropriate time.” 

  • Her advice was timely; I used it that afternoon.

It doesn’t mean “quickly.” 

“Please pay in a timely manner” means “Please pay by the due date” (the appropriate time). It doesn’t mean “Please pay immediately.” (Hey. You’ve still got three days. That's plenty of time.) 

What’s the difference between gray and grey? (Troy Dahlgren)

There’s no difference in what they mean: a color somewhere between black and white. Somewhere.

There’s a big difference in where you use it: Gray is American English: 

  • The New York Yankees wear gray when they play away from Yankee Stadium. 

Grey is British English:

  • Manchester United wear grey when they play away from Old Trafford. 

Kind of like color and colour. That makes sense.

Our thanks to Carol and Troy.  

Next week, we’ll explore some more words: gambit, gamut, gantlet, and gauntlet. Wow. Confusing. 

Mark Brooks