JS Tip 499: "Good" versus "Well"

From the Writing Workshops: “Good” versus “Well” 

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A Discussion

Our friend Katie Naylor asked us to explore “good” versus “well.”

For two simple words, they’re full of controversy. A “Good versus well” search on the internet yields thousands of hits. Thousands.

We’ll treat this narrowly. Your friend asks, “Hey! How are you?” 

You can answer—

  • “I’m well, thank you,” if you’re healthy and happy

    • or

    “I’m good, thank you,” if you haven’t robbed any banks lately.

Well refers to health; good refers to moral excellence. Most people respond about their health and wellness. 

Are there exceptions? Sure. That’s why we said we’d treat this narrowly. 

Howzat? Help? We’re grateful to Katie for the question.  

An Offer

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Mark Brooks