JS Tip 435: Writing Resumes II

From the Changing Jobs Workshop: Writing a Stronger Resume, Part II

Your resume’s task is to sell you, not describe you.

Last week we talked about using terms of measure. Numbers. Percentages. Dollar amounts.

This week, we’ll talk about using words of praise.

Words of praise add a second witness to your resume. They add the voice of someone else who can vouch for you.

What has your boss said about you in your evaluations? What have your awards or letters of appreciation said? What have your customers said?

Capture and use those comments.

Notice the difference between these two entries:

  • Account Manager, InGen, Springfield, California. Worked with clients and developed marketing programs. Supervised a team that increased revenues. April 2015, to August, 2017. 


  • Account Manager, InGen, Springfield, California. Worked with twelve clients and developed eighteen marketing programs. Supervised a twelve-person team that increased revenues by eight percent.

    My manager wrote, “Rose was the key to our success.” April, 2015, to August, 2017.


The second entry uses, yes, terms of measure (twelve clients, eighteen programs, twelve people, eight percent) but also words of praise: the comments of the manager.

It’s not just you saying that you’re good; it’s your manager saying that you’re good. Your manager is your second witness.   

What are your questions?

Mark Brooks