JS Tip 460: If It Happens to You . . . .

From the Harassment Workshops: If It Happens to You . . . .

We recognize the sensitivity of this topic. We sincerely regret any discomfort. 

We suggest you take four steps if you’re harassed:

One: Confront the harasser. This may take some courage. Take a friend with you. Confront the harasser. Be polite but direct. Tell the individual you’re not comfortable with the treatment you’ve received or the language you’ve heard. Ask the individual to stop. This puts the harasser on notice.

Two: Write a “Memorandum for Record.” Include the date, time, details, and witnesses. As clearly and completely as you can, capture the details of what happened. Include your confrontation with the harasser. Depending on the severity of the incident, you may want to have your memorandum notarized.

Three: Talk to your supervisor. Give your supervisor a copy of the memorandum. If your supervisor is the harasser, talk to someone else in authority.

Four: Remain vigilant. If the harassment happens again, repeat the first two steps and escalate the discussion to a higher level. You do not have to put up with harassment. It’s not your fault.

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    This is an important and timely discussion. 


    Mark Brooks