JS Tip 465: Regarding "Regard" and "Regards"

From the Writing Workshops: Regarding “Regard” and “Regards” 

We’re continuing our back-to-basics discussion. 

Our friend Sherrie Courtney of Wells Fargo suggested we explore regard and regards.

A Short Answer

If your choice is between “in regard to” or “in regards to” (notice the surrounding in and to), use “in regard to.” Regard. Singular. No s.

The same thing with “with regard to” or “with regards to.” Regard. Singular. No s. 

A Longer Answer

Don’t use it. Don’t use “in regard to.”

Use “about.” Shorter. More conversational.


  • I’m writing in regard to your decision to join the Chilean navy.


Blah. Stiff. Distant. Verbose.  


  • I’m writing about your decision to join the Chilean navy.


Better. More personal. More concise. More direct.

What do you think?

Tell us your concerns; we’ll address them. 

We love this stuff.


Mark Brooks