JS Tip 474: "I" and "Me"301

From the Writing Workshops: “I” and “Me” 301

The interest continues, so the discussion continues. 

We’ve been talking about “I” and “me,” and which is correct. You’ve responded beautifully.   

“I” and “Me” 301

Try this one. Which is correct? 

  • A.  “Me and my colleagues support the decision.”  

    B.  “I and my colleagues support the decision.”

    C.  “My colleagues and I support the decision.”    


“A” is clearly wrong. Horribly wrong. Always wrong. We’d never say, “Me supports the decision.”

To use grammar-speak: “Me” is always objective case (usually towards the end of a sentence); “I” is always subjective case (usually towards the beginning of a sentence).  

What about “B”? “B” isn’t wrong, but it’s impolite. It pushes our colleagues into second place. It’s like jumping the queue at the bus stop: “I wanna go first! I wanna go first!” 

“C” is grammatically correct and polite. Our colleagues come first. (“Please. You go first. In fact, I’ll help you up the steps.”)

And polite is important.  

If you’d like to know more, let us know. 

We love this stuff. 


Mark Brooks