JS Tip 213: From the Customer Service Workshops: Your Business Etiquette Suggestions (Part the Last)

You’ve responded wonderfully. Thank you.

Three weeks ago, we asked for your suggestions about business etiquette. Two weeks ago, we talked about face-to-face business etiquette. Last week, we talked about using the technology.

This week, we’ll talk about proper etiquette while using the technology.

Business Etiquette While Using the Technology

Etiquette Tip Number Ten: Give people your full attention. Rob Phillips writes, “Don’t use your phone during conversations or during meetings.” Michelle Wallace adds, “Don’t work while you’re talking with a co-worker. Make eye-to-eye contact.”

Etiquette Tip Number Eleven: Stay put. Becky Cincioni suggests, “Don’t walk around with your headset on. Stay at your desk.” And she warns, “I’ll interrupt your call.”

Etiquette Tip Number Twelve: Look before you leap. Sandi Killick suggests reading the entire e-mail. This sounds obvious, but she once worked with someone who would only read as much as she could see in the preview screen. A lot of unnecessary follow-up. A lot of unnecessary frustration.

Etiquette Tip Number Thirteen: Follow up and follow through. Debra Doefler writes, “Even if you don’t have an answer for someone, call them back at the end of the day and tell them. They’ll know you haven’t forgotten them, and that you’re working on their issue.”

Again, agree or disagree? Let us know.

Next week, we’ll change the subject.

If you have questions, comments, or arguments, let us know. We love this stuff. This was fun.