JS Tip 230: From the Leadership Workshops: Just Flat-out Engaging with Others

In the past two weeks, we’ve talked about talking to people. Beginning conversations. Ending conversations.

Engaging with others is a key to leadership. 

Time Magazine included a story this week about leadership and engaging with others. The story cited historical examples:

Haroun al-Rashid, the ninth-century Caliph, would put on civilian clothing and walk the streets of Baghdad.  He’d learn about his subjects. He’d ask them if they were happy. (He’s considered one of the greatest of the Caliphs.)

According to Shakespeare, on the eve of the Battle of Agincourt, British King Henry V disguised himself as a regular soldier and mingled with his troops. He talked with them. He joked with them. He introduced himself as “Henry Leroy,” le roi being French for “the king.” (The next day, the outnumbered British won a great victory over the French.)

Four years ago, England’s Prince William slept on the London streets to experience homelessness. He wore jeans, a hoodie, and a watch cap, and was nearly run over by a street sweeper.

Leaders must engage with the led. Isolated leadership is flawed leadership.      

If you have questions, let us know. We love this stuff.