JS Tip 242: From the Service Workshops: Use People’s Names

Learn people’s names.

Use people’s names.

Dale Carnegie, the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, tells this story:

Sid Levy called on a customer for some time whose name was Nicodemus Papadoulos. Most people just called him “Nick.”

Levy told us: “I made a special effort to say his name over several times to myself before I made my call. When I greeted him by his full name: “Good afternoon, Mr. Nicodemus Papadoulos,” he was shocked. For what seemed like several minutes, there was no reply from him at all.

Finally, he said with tears rolling down his cheeks, “Mr. Levy, in all the fifteen years I have been in this country, nobody has ever made the effort to call me by my right name.”

An example of caring. An example of service. An example of good business sense.

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