JS Tip 244: From the Writing Workshops: Sorting Out the Words, Part I


Catherine Burns asked us to spend some time with complement and compliment.

A complement is something that completes. (Think of the e in complement as completing the connection. If your work group is organized for twelve people, but you only have eight people assigned, you don’t have a full complement. You’re not complete.

Complement can also serve as an action word (a verb): “The new printer complemented the work station.” (“The new printer completed the work station.”) 

A compliment is an expression of praise. Hey! That was a good definition! “The CEO paid us a great compliment. She said we were the best department in the company.”

Compliment can also serve as an action word (a verb): “The CEO complimented the department. She said we were the best in the company.”  

Next week, we’ll look at some more sound-alike-but-mean-something-different words.

We love this stuff. We appreciate you. If you have questions, let us know.