JS Tip 260: From the Creativity Workshop: Brainstorming Basketball


We hope you'll enjoy this. It's goofy, but it's fun.

We're in the middle of the NCAAs. Yesterday and today are the round of sixteen. Most of our brackets are already broken.

We have a question for you: How would you improve college basketball?

Brainstorm changes. Send us your ideas. Funny or serious. We'll celebrate and reward the best ideas.

Here are some ideas from past brainstorming sessions:

  • Use a bowling ball instead of a basketball.


  • Paint a four-point line, a five-point line, and a six-point line beyond the three-point line.


  • Make every foul in the last two minutes a deliberate foul: the fouled team gets three shots and retains possession.


  • Put one player on a horse.

This is for fun. Enjoy it with us. Next week, we'll announce and reward the winners.

Let us know your questions and suggestions. We love this stuff.