JS Tip 47: From the Time Management Workshops: Demanding Bosses, Demanding Co-workers

“Do more with less.”

“Work smarter, not harder.”

“Ranger up.”

All the trite sayings in the world don’t add hours to the week.

When you’ve maxed out your time and talent, and still more people want you to do still more, try these three steps to preserve your sanity:

  1. “I appreciate your situation.” Empathize with the person asking for help. You’re in this together, and empathy and caring are still important.
  2. “This is what I can do.” Honestly assess your capabilities and resources. Identify how you can help. Identify two or three options. Identify a time line with each option. “I can do this by tomorrow, or I can do this by the end of the week.”
  3. “What would you like?” Give them a choice of the options you’ve offered. Options empower.

These ideas come from a thought-provoking time-management workshop in Houston last week. Incredible participants. Great discussion. We’re grateful to those thirty-six participants for their ideas. Thank you.