JS Tip 58: From the Personal Development Workshops: Bouncing Back II

Last week we talked about how friends can help us bounce back from difficulties. We promised to explore building teams and making friends. Bingo. Here we are.

Warning: This is NOT rocket science. These are very simple ideas. If you have other suggestions, we’d love to hear them.   

Be friendly. To make friends, be friendly. Smile. Be the first to make eye contact and say “Hello!” Help others. Go the extra mile. 

Be curious. Ask questions about other people’s interests. With any group, ask permission: “May I ask a question?”

Ask the folks that love motorcycles: “I’ve read that Harley-Davidson is ‘America’s Bike.’ What does that mean?”

Ask the folks that love baseball: “Which do you prefer? Attending games or watching on television? Why?”

Ask the folks in IT: “How can I learn more about IT? Where would I start?”

Be respectful. Sincerely value what they have to say. (This is a learned skill. It requires you to focus on the ideas and find connections.)

Compliment—and complement—these conversations to others:

“I had an interesting conversation with Charlie this morning.”

“With Charlie?”

“Yeah. With Charlie. He knows more about motorcycles than anyone I know . . . .” 

Maintain the relationships. Follow up on the earlier conversations. When you see Charlie in the parking lot, ask him about his bike. “How does the braking system work on a bike? I know how cars and bicycles work, but I have no idea how a bike’s system works.” 

As we said, this is not rocket science. Next week we’ll explore how learning about heritage can make us more resiliant.