JS Tip 69: From the Writing Workshops: Writer’s Block and Your Left and Right Brain (Tip 2 of 3)

Last week we discussed our brains’ two sides: the logical side (the left side) and the creative side (the right side).

The sides help us function but also compete.

“Writer’s block” happens when the sides don’t agree. When they fight. We try to be logical and creative at the same time, and our brain shuts down.

Okay. How do we fix it?

Two steps:

Step One: Use your right brain. Brainstorm the details of your document. Take a sheet of paper, a whiteboard, a clay tablet, whatever, and write down ideas.

Write down what you want to communicate. Don’t worry about logic or order. Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation. Brainstorm everything. When you’re exhausted, take the next step.

Step Two: Use your left brain to cull and order your list. In what order do you want to present the information? Do any of the ideas fit together? Connect them with lines. Do any of the ideas not fit? Cross them out. Slash. Slash.

You’ll now have an outline of your document. If not, try the process again. It takes practice; most people have a dominant brain side. Left brain thinkers may struggle with step one at first. They’ll want to organize. Clean up. Correct. But the more they try the process, the easier it will become.

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