JS Tip 79: Irregardless

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We’re grateful for your responses to the Tips. You’re asking questions, and we’re researching your questions. If you’ve asked a question, we’ll get back to you either in a one-on-one e-mail or in a Tip. Most of your questions have been about language; we’ll stay with that topic. Thank you.

Neal Smith of WesTech Engineering asked “Is it okay to use irregardless in place of regardless?”

Good question. Valid question.

Our response:






Never. Ever.

Your friends may argue, “It’s in the dictionary.”

Your response may be, “So what’s your point?” Ask your friends to read the definition of irregardless; they’ll find the word Nonstandard in italics. Nonstandard. Not acceptable. Not a word.

Don’t use it. It’s not acceptable. It’s not a word.

Thank you, Neal. Keep your questions coming. We love this stuff.

Next week: Affect and effect.