JS Tip 176: From the Customer Service Workshops: Exceeding Expectations

We define customer service as service that exceeds the customer’s expectations. That gives more than expected. That goes beyond the mark.

Two similar—but true—examples—

The traveler had checked into the Texas hotel and was visiting the hotel gift store. Coca-cola products throughout. “Do you have any Pepsi?” “I’m sorry, sir, all we have is Coke.” “Okay, thank you.”

The traveler went to his room and began to unpack. There was a knock at the door. The store clerk held out an ice-cold can of Pepsi. “Here you go, sir.” “What! How’d you do that?” “Well, sir, the Seven-Eleven was right next door, and so we . . . .”

The family was ordering dinner in the restaurant. The six-year-old insisted “I WANT A BIG MAC!” “Charlie, they don’t have Big Macs here. We’ll get you a cheeseburger.” “NO! I WANT A BIG MAC!” The mother ordered a cheeseburger for Charlie.

Ten minutes later, when the meal came, the waiter handed Charlie a McDonald’s bag with a Big Mac, a large order of fries, and a chocolate shake. “How did you do that?” “Well, ma’am, there’s a McDonald’s just down the block . . . .”

Little things make lasting, lasting, lasting impressions.

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