JS Tip 443: Capitalization, Part the Third

From the Writing Workshops: cAPItaliZING thREE

Three final capitalization guidelines:  

One. Capitalize the first words of a displayed list:

  • Use the company colors in the advertisement:


    • • Maroon
      • Tan
      • Dark green

But don’t capitalize the words if you list the items in a sentence:

  • Use the company colors in the advertisement: maroon, tan, and dark green.

(Notice the punctuation as well. No commas or periods in the displayed list. Commas, a connecting word, and a period in the sentence list.)

Two. Capitalize the major words in headings, sub-headings, and titles: 

Profits Improved in the Second Quarter

The Attorney General’s Report on Things

Gone with the Wind

When you write a subject line, you have a choice:

Request for a New Copier

Request for a new copier

Equally acceptable. Don’t worry about it.

Three. Strangely capitalized names have a life of their own:

Names like eBay and iPad don’t require an initial capital even if they start a sentence:

  • eBay changed its billing system this year.

    iPads can serve as excellent training devices.

If you have questions or comments, let us know. We love this stuff.

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Mark Brooks