JS Tip 444: The Importance of Truth

From the Ethics and Values Workshops: The Value of Truth

True: In accordance with fact or reality. Correct. Accurate. Right. Verifiable.

Sometime while we were sleeping, the world spun off its axis and everything went crazy. We have no idea when that happened, but it seems to have happened recently.

Three connected ideas:

One: All relationships are based on trust.

Two: Trust is based on honesty.

Three: Honesty is based on truth.

Businesses, cultures, and nations depend on truth. They cannot operate in a world of deception. 

Three connected suggestions:

One: Tell the truth. Always. Never lie.

Two: If you’re not sure of something, say so: “I can’t say that for certain” or “I don’t know.”

Three: If you don’t want to say something, say so: ““I’m not comfortable answering that.” (Either you don’t have the accurate information, or you don’t want to reveal the information you have. And that’s okay.)

Credibility, once lost, is impossible to regain. Impossible. 

We’ll continue the discussion next week.

Help us here. Is this overkill? Is this too obvious? Does this need to be said? Let us know.

We’re concerned about this stuff.

Mark Brooks