JS Tip 62: From the Time-management Workshops: Remembering Things II

We received some great responses to our tip on remembering things.

Carol Oman works with multiple forms of planners, electronic and paper. She has one with her all the time. She also keeps thoughts in a journal. (American author Annie Dillard wrote, “I write to see what I think.”)

Carol says, “I took the Franklin Time Management class years ago and still utilize the practice, except I use multiple planners instead of one.

“I love the thought about writing things down. I struggle with setting and making goals. Years ago I read something about ‘A goal that is not written down is just a wish.’” 

Stefana Kornices uses Outlook calendar reminders (color coded). She also uses daily lists. “I’ll write everything I’d like to accomplish for the day on a sticky note and stick it to my monitor. I also keep a comprehensive list of all that needs to be done in a notepad.”

And Dana Neumann places things where they’ll remind her. “I keep a small notepad in the open console of my car. I write down things. If I have an important task or errand, I leave the pad above my steering wheel (on the dashboard) to remind me of the errand when I get in the car.”

Thank you all. We’ve got more responses, and we’ll share those next week.

If you have suggestions about organization and remembering, let us know. It’s an interesting discussion.