JS Tip 63: From the Sales Workshops: Moving from “So?” to “Wow!”

Whether you’re selling a product, a service, or an idea, focus on the benefits rather than the features.

Benefits are customer-focused. Features are product-focused. Consider these sales phrases:

·       “Our pumps have cast-steel housings.” (That’s a feature; it focuses on the product. And the customer asks, “So?”)

·       “Our pumps will save you money because their cast-steel housings last longer.” (That’s a benefit; it focuses on the advantages to the customer. And the customer says, “Wow!”)

You can move from feature to benefit by using the phrase “Which means . . . .” Sometimes it takes a few steps:

1.     We have a staff of twelve plumbers.

Which means . . .

2.     We can answer your call faster. Someone’s always going to be available.

Which means . . .

3.     We can get to your house faster.

Which means . . .

4.     You’ll have less water damage because we can repair your broken pipe faster.

And the “which means” phrase translates to almost any sales progression:

When you focus on your customers, and how your product affects them, they'll appreciate the attention you give to their needs.

Which means you set yourself apart from their other vendors who may be more focused on themselves.

Which means your customers will trust you. They'll value your opinion. Your relationship will improve.

Which means you'll sell more stuff. And make more money for your company (and for yourself).